Digital Forensic Notables and Top-flight Instructors On Tap at CEIC 2015

(This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on the all-new and enhanced digital forensics labs and lectures at CEIC 2015.)

The first post in this series talked about how we're expanding on the core competency of the EnCase community who converge on CEIC each year. The second post drilled down into the plethora and diversity of digital artifacts and showcased sessions designed to address these exploding challenges. In this final post, we present the marquee of acclaimed industry experts who will be on hand to teach new technologies and tools and share hard-earned insight from decades of experience in digital investigations.

Diverse Expertise Brings Extra Value to CEIC 2015

A key benefit of CEIC is the diversity in topics that cover a wide range of technologies and tools that are critical to investigations.  The tracks on digital forensics do not espouse a particular agenda, but acknowledge that all technologies and investigative techniques must ultimately be woven together.

Our speaker portfolio is also diverse and plays out as the “who’s who” in the digital forensics industry.  Here’s a snippet of the best and brightest who have been secured as presenters, trainers, and panelists at CEIC 2015:

Suzanne Widup, president and founder of the Digital Forensics Association and a senior analyst on the Verizon RISK Team, is also the author of Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation with EnCase Forensic v7. She will lead an interactive panel with fellow forensic practitioners who will share potential pitfalls and strategies for success.

Shawn McCreight, founder, Chairman, and Chief Technical Officer of Guidance Software, will give a preview of the new and advanced features that are part of the future of EnCASe. Be sure to mark these sessions on your calendar:
  • The Future of EnCase: Tuesday, May 19, 11:00 a.m.
  • Searching in EnCase 8 with EQL: Wednesday, May 20, 11:00 a.m.
    Amber Schroader, CTO of Paraben Corporation, is back by popular demand to share what you need to survive the apocalypse of BYOD and personal mobility devices. You can also learn more from Amber at the recent Guidance Software webinar, Six Keys to Conducting Effective Mobile Forensic Investigations.

    Jad Saliba, Founder and CTO of Magnet Forensics, will be featured in two sessions this year on overcoming anti-forensics efforts and more about Dropbox encryption and tactics for decrypting Dropbox databases.

    Sarah Edwards from SANS Institute is on board to help you interpret iCloud artifacts.

    David Cowen and Matthew Seyer from G-C Partners will share what you need to know on sophisticated file system journaling.

    Ben Le Mere of Berla Corporation will help you analyze data from different infotainment and telematics systems.

    Dmitry Sumin of Passware will help you accelerate password cracking.

    We don’t have enough room in this post to share every notable speaker with you, but hope you’ll click over to the CEIC 2015 agenda to peruse the list yourself. After viewing the bios of the 54 speakers who make up the four tracks for digital forensics, you’ll have 54 solid reasons why you need to be at CEIC. We hope to see you there!

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