CEIC and EnCase Essentials v7 Training

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Last week at CEIC we ran four Upgrading EnCase v6 to v7: Who Moved My Cheese? sessions. The sessions were packed with EnCase v6 users who were looking to get past the obstacles that were preventing their full transition to v7. In total we presented to close to 200 attendees and had some really great discussion. By the end of the sessions I could see many of the attendees were ready to get going with v7.

During the process of walking the users through v7 I learned that that quite a few of the folks in each session had yet to view the free EnCase Essentials Training. One of the reasons many had not taken advantage of this free training was that they did not have ready access to the internet at work. Even those who knew about the training were forced to view it during their off hours, when they were able to connect to the internet.

The first thing I did when I got to the office this week was ask our training department to create an offline version of the essentials training and they did. Now anyone that wants to get the basics of v7 can download this offline format of the EnCase Essentials Training and view the lessons anytime, anywhere. In addition, we also updated the companion EnCase Essentials Training Guide, incorporating the changes made in the latest release of EnCase, v7.04. Be sure to download these two files when you get a chance and keep them handy.

On a related note I am planning a v6 to v7 webinar series where we will cover many of the topics that were presented during the CEIC session. Look for more information about this webinar series soon.