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Q&A: Transitioning from EnCase Version 6 to Version 7 Webinars

Ken Mizota

At parts 1 and 2 of the webinar series, "Transitioning from EnCase Version 6 to Version 7," we ran out of time to answer all of your questions. In this blog post, I've attempted to answer them and hope it helps you continue a productive transition.

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Can you discuss how you’ve made reporting less complicated and what resources we could use to simplify reporting even further?

Once the hard work of painstaking analysis and review of an investigation is complete, determining what to share with an external audience is an important, but often time-consuming task. EnCase® Version 7 provides powerful tools to efficiently incorporate the findings of the investigation into a polished examination report with a minimum of effort. While powerful, Report Templates can have a steep learning curve, and particularly in time-sensitive investigations, simplicity may be more desirable than power. When time is precious and working with Report Templates is more complex than desired, we built the Report Template Wizard to make it faster and easier to perform basic reporting modifications directly from Bookmarks.

Why Now is the Time to Make the Move to EnCase® Version 7

Robert Bond

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a number of forensic investigators—both in law enforcement and inside corporations—and to hear a little about how they do their work. All of us in every line of work have preferred tools, checkpoints, and workflows, so it can be very easy to procrastinate on making the change to a new version of a favorite tool. However, I’m genuinely excited to tell you that, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to upgrade to EnCase Forensic version 7, that time is now.