Tableau TD3 Forensic Imaging System: Raising the Bar Since 2012

Robert Bond

When Guidance Software originally released the Tableau TD3 forensic imaging system back in 2012, it was revolutionary. Forensic investigators had asked for and eagerly awaited innovations like the color touchscreen user interface, modular architecture, network imaging, and remote triage capabilities. The TD3 also supported write-blocked imaging of SATA, IDE, SAS, FireWire, USB 3.0, and iSCSI (network) storage devices. In 2013, Forensic 4Cast voters named it the Forensic Hardware Tool of the Year. Since its launch, the TD3 development team has relentlessly focused on adding new features, capabilities and options that help investigators get more work done faster, with more options. So if the last time you looked at TD3 was back in 2012, it may be time to take another look.

CEIC 2014 / EnCE Myth Busted

Thank the interwebs for making what was once old new again. Earlier this week, denizens of the #DFIR hashtag on Twitter dredged up an old blog post from May 2014 about CEIC 2014.

At the risk of provoking the Streisand effect, I'd like to offer a contrasting perspective on what I can only describe as an emerging conspiracy theory. Let's walk while we talk (in case someone is listening...).