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CEIC 2015: New EnCase Basics Track Shortens Your Learning Curve

Let's talk a little bit about basic training. Nothing is more critical to the success of your EnCase® implementation than the buy-in and performance of the people who use it. After all, if your IT, security, or litigation support specialists fail to successfully learn the software, you can't truly maximize your organization's investment.

If you're one of our newer customers, our new EnCase Basics track at CEIC 2015 makes perfect sense. With four days of focused training and over 1,400 professional peers and experts, CEIC can help you or other new EnCase users in your organization gear up to address new challenges head-on.

CEIC 2014 / EnCE Myth Busted

Thank the interwebs for making what was once old new again. Earlier this week, denizens of the #DFIR hashtag on Twitter dredged up an old blog post from May 2014 about CEIC 2014.

At the risk of provoking the Streisand effect, I'd like to offer a contrasting perspective on what I can only describe as an emerging conspiracy theory. Let's walk while we talk (in case someone is listening...).