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Feature Spotlight: Report Template Wizard

Ken Mizota

No forensic investigation is complete without a comprehensive report tailored to the intended audience. Whether the cases involve crime, civil litigation, or policy non-compliance, the end goal of an investigation is to share findings with others. EnCase Version 7 provides powerful tools to efficiently incorporate the findings of the investigation into a Report Template. While powerful, Report Templates can have a steep learning curve, and particularly in time-sensitive investigations, simplicity may be more desirable than power.

EnCase Version 7.10 adds the Report Template Wizard. You can quickly add a Bookmark Folder to the Report Template, specify metadata, perform basic formatting, and preview the report. The Report Template Wizard simplifies reporting while maintaining the power of Report Templates. Read on beyond the jump to learn more.

Feature Spotlight: Direct Network Preview

Guidance Software

EnCase Version 7.06 introduces a new built in ability to perform remote forensics. If you are unfamiliar with the term “remote forensics”, take a moment to review the Gartner Remote Forensics Report for 2012. EnCase Forensic Version 7.06 brings remote forensics to the standard in digital investigations, and enables forensically sound investigation of live devices. In this post, we’ll walk through how to perform a network preview, and we’ll discuss some of the key differences between remote investigation in EnCase Forensic and EnCase Enterprise.