Using EnCase with the Latest Release of Belkasoft Evidence Center

Yuri Gubanov, Belkasoft

Belkasoft has just updated its digital forensics suite, Belkasoft Evidence Center, making the tool a true, all-in-one forensic solution. When seamlessly integrated with EnCase, the two tools can cover nearly every digital forensic need. Belkasoft Evidence Center helps you jump-start investigations by automatically discovering evidence gathered from many different sources.

In its biggest update in two years, Belkasoft has done more than learn a few new tricks. It now extracts and analyzes evidence from pretty much any data source you can imagine. Hard drives and drive images with Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and many other operating systems; smartphone backups in all popular formats; UFED images and chip-off dumps; live memory dumps; and many virtual machines can be scanned for available evidence. This major update turns Belkasoft Evidence Center into a true, all-in-one digital forensic tool.

We added several new modules to bring about these changes.

Firefox Cache2 Storage Breakdown

Mozilla introduced a new format of storage ** ** for the Firefox browser in version 27. It was defaulted off until recently in version 32, when it was turned on. Mozilla claims in its recent statements that cache2 is more efficient to speed up the browser.

Here is a good write-up about the previous version of cache in case you encounter it. Pretty much every forensic tool supports it—which brings me to my next point.