New Speed and Power Part of EnCase® Forensic Version 7.08 Session at HTCIA Asia Pacific

Robert Bond

Agenda for HTCIA Asia Pacific
Frank Butler, the Director of ATP Training at Guidance Software, will be presenting a session on EnCase® Forensic v7.08 at the HTCIA AsiaPacific Conference in Hong Kong on December 3, 2013. Now in its third year, EnCase Forensic v7 has evolved into a highly functional and customizable tool. In fact, independent testing proves that it is the fastest, most comprehensive digital forensic solution available to examiners today.

Frank will present some of the most outstanding new features in Version 7.08, including:

The Shortest Path from EnCase Forensic v6 to v7: Two-part "Transitions" Webinar

Robert Bond
Make the leap from EnCase Forensic v6 to v7

Every month we see more digital forensics pros making the leap from EnCase® Forensic v6 to v7. We know that many in our EnCase community gained cutting-edge skills with v6, yet more and more of you are attracted to v7 by our continuing focus on software maturity, stability, and a natural workflow that can be customized to work exactly the way you do, day by day. With each release, new features like distributed processing, remote forensic capability, and the rich and fully tested treasure trove of EnScripts® and apps in EnCase® App Central mean additional investigative power for you and your caseload.

Ease the Transition with a Two-Part Webinar
Join us on December 10th and later on January 14th for a walk-through of the steps involved in moving from v6 to v7 as presented by one of our master Guidance Software EnCase trainers.

Belkasoft Evidence Center Offers Tighter Integration with EnCase

Robert Bond

Belkasoft has announced tighter integration of its flagship forensic tool, Belkasoft Evidence Center, with Guidance Software EnCase, the industry-standard all-in-one computer investigation solution. Supporting the latest version of EnCase 7, users of EnCase software can easily access and analyze data obtained or carved by Belkasoft Evidence Center.

In addition, the new release adds support for *nix and MacOS file systems, enabling Belkasoft users to analyze disks and disk images from a wider range of PCs than ever. The support for file systems used in Windows, *nix and MacOS computers in a single tool is unique to Belkasoft Evidence Center, making it stand out as a single most comprehensive forensic analysis tool.