Learn to Expand on the Value of EnCase at CEIC 2015 with EnScripts and Third-Party Apps

Robert Batzloff

This year at CEIC®, we’re committing more training and trainer resources than ever before to help you boost the benefits of EnCase® in your company’s deployment.

Our goal is to show you the brawn behind power EnCase users and apps, and by learning more about the EnScript® language, help you get to that same level.

With an expanded conference track called EnCase Apps and Integrations, we’ve added 12 sessions that will showcase some of the most dynamic apps developed by EnCase forensic investigators that are easy for you to integrate. We’re also boosting the App World booth hosted by EnScript gurus from Guidance Software and developers from the EnCase community, so you’ve got more experts close at hand during all hours of the conference day.

Learn to Unleash the Power of EnScript--and Write Your Own

The new EnCase Apps and Integrations track this year will help you build and then flex your own EnScript muscles so you can easily use the unique language for automating, customizing, and expanding the value of EnCase.

For the advanced developer: We’ve designated James Habben, a popular Guidance Software instructor and experienced EnScript programmer, to share techniques for using EnScript to perform advanced customizations, such as modifying the EnCase UI to automate common tasks and integrating EnScript with existing .NET applications.

For the beginning developer: Lance Mueller, a widely recognized senior forensic analyst with IBM’s Emergency Response Services, will join us to teach the basic skills of writing and using EnScripts. And we're offering other labs that will walk you through basic tasks like using EnCase App Central, running an EnScript, installing an EnScript plug-in, and more.

Learn New Efficiencies from Specialty App Developers

We’re excited to feature Jessica Bair, who worked with Guidance Software for 13 years and is now with Advanced Threat Solutions at Cisco Security, in a lab on “AMP ThreatGRID for Law Enforcement.” You'll learn about and then get your hands on Cisco’s new program for dynamic malware analysis and threat intelligence.

You can also sit down with the technical team from Magnet Forensics in a hands-on lab using Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) to recover and analyze a wide variety of Internet-related artifacts.

Don’t miss the opportunity in the EnCase Apps and Integration track to hear from Belkasoft's Yuri Gubanov, a renowned computer forensics expert and frequent speaker at industry events around the world. He’ll help you extend EnCase functionality with third-party tools and show you how to jump-start an investigation and receive a result in a matter of minutes, not hours, with the help of Belkasoft Evidence Center.

Because of the rapidly growing interest in the high-level programming language Python, we are offering two sessions to address what you need to know: Chet Hosmer with WetStone Technologies will demonstrate how to apply natural language understanding and heuristic reasoning using Python. Mari DeGrazia with Verizon RISK Team will help you step up your game with practical applications for Python to automate repetitive DFIR tasks and quickly parse digital forensics artifacts.

And finally, to save you time in learning to use the most popular apps, we’ve got three sessions titled “EnCase App Central Showcase” that will highlight a variety of apps related specifically to malware investigations, forensics, and general utilities.  Click here to see the full agenda with speaker bios for the EnCase Apps and Integrations track.

App World Provides Interaction with EnScript Developers and EnCase Trainers

So much of CEIC booth traffic hovers around the EnCase App Central booth every year, so this year we’re making it more accessible.  It will be located in the expo hall next to the Guidance Software main booth and will feature three stations each hosted by a rotating group of training staff, product managers, and third-party developers and EnScript professionals. It will also include several demonstrations and tutorials, including how to use the EnScript language, download EnScripts from EnCase App Central, or expand the power of your own EnCase deployment.

Isn’t it Time You Became an EnScript Developer, Too?

And finally, we want you to know that the App World team has the time to meet with you at CEIC, as well as the resources and reasons to help you take that step to become an EnScript developer yourself. We’d like to encourage you to join the EnCase forensic investigators from around the world who are part of a thriving community that create case-cracking EnScripts and specialty apps.

You can meet with us at CEIC to discuss our program for developers, email me. or click here to apply for the program today.

Here’s a sampling of the benefits you’ll receive when you become part of our EnCase Developer Network:

  • EnCase developer license (dongle)
  • Exclusive access to the v7 SDK
  • Up-to-date information on programing EnCase EnScripts
  • Pre-release builds of EnCase
  • Code samples
  • Sample evidence files for testing
  • Access to Guidance technical support
  • QC of your work by Guidance professionals
  • Exclusive rights to publish your EnScripts on EnCase App Central
  • Worldwide visibility for your EnScript
  • Management of the purchase of your work by Guidance
  • Valuable customer feedback on your EnScript
  • Choice to offer your EnScripts for free or for a fee
    Be sure to visit the CEIC website for information on the current event agenda, registration information, sponsor and exhibitor opportunities, and to register now.
Robert Batzloff is the Associate Product Manager for EnCase App Central at Guidance Software.

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