CEIC Sessions on Digital Forensics Deliver on the EnCase Community's Core Competency

(This is part 1 of a three-part series on the all-new, enhanced digital forensics labs and lectures at CEIC 2015.)

Our conversations at CEIC usually dwell on how best to uncover data that will provide evidence to prove a wrongdoing. Today that data and those artifacts are found amongst hundreds of thousands of files on a target system. Only through tens of thousands of investigations by the EnCase community over 18 years and through the application of your hard-won expertise are we able to design a curriculum that serves your most vital needs.

The DNA of CEIC: 18 Years of Digital Forensics Leadership at One Event

Best-in-class digital forensics technology and best-in-class investigators come together at CEIC. Together, we've built a proud heritage, and we're pleased that thousands of you will travel from many parts of the world to attend CEIC 2015 with us.

When we planned this year's CEIC, we wanted to continue to expand on the best part of our legacy together. To take an example from other industries, cattle breeders use DNA forensic investigations to prove which stock will yield the highest quality steak. Winemakers employ DNA fingerprinting to authenticate the heritage of high-quality grapes and demarcate them from lesser varietals.

We set out to do just the same: identify the genetics of our EnCase technology and you, our community, and to use that core competency to differentiate this year's CEIC as the most valuable educational event produced to date.

Our mission this year was to renew our focus on powerful digital forensics techniques--our DNA. To continue the heritage that we share with you, our community, we've enriched and expanded our agenda to provide the highest possible quality of education for forensic professionals.

Focus on the Diversity of Data that Drives Your Investigations

What’s on the top of your “need to know” list this year? It might be one of our 18 interactive and practical lab workshops, including:

  • The Ubiquity of iCloud Artifacts
  • Sophisticated File System Journaling Forensics
  • Vehicle Forensics
  • P2P Investigations
Or it might be one of the 26 lectures in digital forensics, including mobile and cloud investigations:

  • Cloud Forensics: Bringing Evidence Back to Earth
  • Investigating Exchange, Microsoft Cloud Services, and Office 365
  • Mobile Forensics: Challenges in Obtaining, Analyzing, and Applying Evidence
  • Forensic Analysis Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
We'll take a deeper dive in Parts 2 and 3 of this blog post series, sharing more details about all these topics being presented by the best and brightest in our industry.

In the meantime, visit our CEIC event website to see the agenda in detail, register, and more. 

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