Guidance Software and Digital Intelligence Partner with PROTECT and it’s H.E.R.O. Corp

Robert Bond

The National Association to Protect Children, PROTECT, is an organization with a mission to rescue children from abuse and exploitation. The organization has grown in size and support since it was founded in 2003, and its list of accomplishments includes drafting and supporting the passage of the landmark legislation, Alicia’s Law.

EnCase Evidence Processor Manager: Working the Backlog

Ken Mizota

I am often asked the question: "When is EnCase going to be able to distribute processing?" EnCase customers have a naturally voracious appetite for processing: As case backlogs grow over time and technology. I’ll define a backlog as a set of evidence, awaiting review by an Investigator. While EnCase Evidence Processor introduced powerful automation capabilities, the task of centrally distributing, prioritizing and managing evidence processing has been largely left up to the best effort of the Investigator.

IEF Evidence Processor Module for EnCase v7

Lance Mueller

Magnet Forensics has released the Internet Evidence FinderTM (IEF) Evidence Processor Module for EnCase v7. The IEF Evidence Processor Module for EnCase v7 is designed to assist digital investigators with their workflow by allowing them to run Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) from within EnCase, without the need to start IEF separately and point to the same evidence files you already have loaded in EnCase.

EnCase App Central Delivers its 10,000th App

Guidance Software

EnCase App Central opened its virtual doors in early spring this year with the goal of providing functionality and efficiency to EnCase users by offering EnScripts, templates, and 3rd party Apps. After just a few months, driven by the power of the EnCase community and our 3rd party partners; App Central has become the primary source of efficiency-driving solutions for the tens of thousands of EnCase users worldwide.

Evidence Processor Performance Monitoring - Part II

Guidance Software

Feature Spotlight: Performance Test

In the last feature spotlight, I described the new Performance tab in EnCase Version 7.07. In particular, once you have visibility to the performance of Evidence Processor within EnCase, following questions quickly arise:
  1. What can I do to speed up Evidence Processor from a hardware perspective?
  2. When Evidence Processor is taking longer than expected, what kind of information can I share with Guidance?