Guidance Software and Digital Intelligence Partner with PROTECT and it’s H.E.R.O. Corp

Robert Bond

The National Association to Protect Children, PROTECT, is an organization with a mission to rescue children from abuse and exploitation. The organization has grown in size and support since it was founded in 2003, and its list of accomplishments includes drafting and supporting the passage of the landmark legislation, Alicia’s Law.

PROTECT’s latest tactic to stop crimes against children, engages our country’s wounded warriors. The program, HERO Corps, has a goal of recruiting, employing and training over 200 wounded veterans to become digital investigators. H.E.R.O. stands for Human Exploitation Rescue Operative; these investigators will be tasked with supplementing the understaffed federal law-enforcement agencies and state ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) task forces who are overwhelmed with growing case loads.

In order to provide PROTECT’s new recruits with the latest in digital forensic equipment and training, Grier Weeks, Executive Director of PROTECT, reached out to Guidance Software and our partner Digital Intelligence. Guidance Software has long been the leader in developing Tableau hardware and EnCase® Forensic software to solve computer crimes. Digital Intelligence is a leading provider of the systems that digital investigators rely on to conduct investigations.

In an interview, Grier stated that the contribution of equipment and digital forensic tools from Guidance Software and Digital Intelligence were critical to not only, providing the wounded veterans the required tools for starting investigations, but also, injecting hope and energy in an organization and cause that are eager to rescue abused children. Guidance Software and Digital Intelligence have long supported ICAC and other crimes against children organizations and look forward to partnering with an organization that can make difference in the lives of exploited children through H.E.R.O.’s Corp and legislatively through PROTECT itself.

To learn more about PROTECT and H.E.R.O Corps and watch the videos that feature the new class of recruits visit

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