EnCase App Central Delivers its 10,000th App

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EnCase App Central opened its virtual doors in early spring this year with the goal of providing functionality and efficiency to EnCase users by offering EnScripts, templates, and 3rd party Apps. After just a few months, driven by the power of the EnCase community and our 3rd party partners; App Central has become the primary source of efficiency-driving solutions for the tens of thousands of EnCase users worldwide.

The main objective of EnCase App Central is to create a one-stop shop for investigators to find EnScripts or Apps that were previously scattered among thousands of websites and blogs. With the 10,000th download, investigators are touting the value of not only being able to find solutions in one place, but also the ability quickly download dozens of EnCase, R&D-tested Apps for a wide variety of investigations.

Halfway into its first year, App Central houses 69 Apps including those from industry leaders such as Magnet Forensics, Wetstone, Office Recovery, Belkasoft, and Image Analyzer. Partners like Magnet’s CEO, Adam Belsher and Wetstone’s, Chief Scientist, Chet Hosmer promote the efficiencies of using their best of breed tools and technologies to seamlessly bring evidence into EnCase where is can be searched, analyzed, and reported on using a single tool.

In addition, free Apps created by the EnCase community like Facebook MSG Finder, VSS Examiner, and Webpage Rebuilder have become essential “must have” Apps for investigators. Finding the evidence among millions of files has never been more difficult and time consuming and the EnCase community relies on each other for solutions.

The critical need of investigators is to speed up investigations while making certain not to miss that needle in the haystack – the power of the EnCase community is proving adept at meeting that need. The 10,000 download is attracting the industry’s best developers and 3rd party partners all of whom are laser focused on providing the best solutions to the digital forensic examiner community.


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