Belkasoft Evidence Center Offers Tighter Integration with EnCase

Robert Bond

Belkasoft has announced tighter integration of its flagship forensic tool, Belkasoft Evidence Center, with Guidance Software EnCase, the industry-standard all-in-one computer investigation solution. Supporting the latest version of EnCase 7, users of EnCase software can easily access and analyze data obtained or carved by Belkasoft Evidence Center.

In addition, the new release adds support for *nix and MacOS file systems, enabling Belkasoft users to analyze disks and disk images from a wider range of PCs than ever. The support for file systems used in Windows, *nix and MacOS computers in a single tool is unique to Belkasoft Evidence Center, making it stand out as a single most comprehensive forensic analysis tool.

About Belkasoft Evidence Center Integration with Guidance Software EnCase
Thanks to the integration of Belkasoft Evidence Center with the Encase family of forensic products, Encase users will gain the ability to access information collected by Belkasoft from suspects’ computers. The newly available free “BelkasoftDataImport” plugin allows EnCase users to seamlessly access information collected by Belkasoft Evidence Center. With the integration of the two powerful forensic products, Encase users gain access to powerful data search and carving abilities provided by Belkasoft product.

About Belkasoft Evidence Center
At version 3.8, the company’s flagship computer forensic tool enables security and forensic specialists collect and analyze more digital evidence than ever. Belkasoft Evidence Center can automatically locate, process and analyze Internet chat logs, Web browsing history, peer-to-peer programs, multi-user online games and email communications including information stored in cookies and digital pictures, mailboxes and system files. Low-level access to hard disk and system structures means that even data that’s been deleted by the suspect cannot escape from investigators. Now supporting *nix and MacOS file systems, Belkasoft Evidence Center can collect more evidence than any single competing tool.

Belkasoft Evidence Center makes evidence analysis easier by natively mounting and access images created with Encase, DD and SMART without using these or any third-party tools. Providing tight integration with Guidance Software Encase, Encase users can now automatically access information obtained or carved by Belkasoft Evidence Center from Windows, *nix and MacOS computers including chats, Web browser history, emails, social network artifacts, P2P and file exchange programs, MMORPG gaming chats, as well as data carved from hard drives and disk images, live ram, hibernation and page files.

The affordable Standard edition is available to private investigators and corporate security departments, while the more comprehensive Enterprise edition allows major security agencies and police departments to have multiple investigators work simultaneously on a case.

The Belkasoft Evidence Center Ultimate, Professional and both the Chat and Chat and Social Analyzer are all available now on EnCase App Central.

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