Memory Analysis is Most Downloaded as EnCase App Central Tops 15,000 Downloads

Robert Bond

It wasn’t that long ago that we celebrated the 10,000th download at EnCase® App Central. As a source of excellent and fully tested apps that solve real problems for digital investigators, we are extremely pleased that it has become a regular stop for our EnCase community of developers and investigative pros.

Now we’ve passed the 15,000th download mark, with a few key apps topping the charts as most popular:

MemoryAnalysis: An EnPack that parses all Windows, OSX, and Linux memory images.

VSS Examiner: A Volume Shadow-Copy Service (VSS) examination EnScript® designed for EnCase Forensic v7 (a separate version for v6 is available in the Guidance Software Support Portal).

JPEG Snoop: An EnScript® that analyzes selected JPEG files, culls metadata from them, and displays decoded results in the console.

Webpage Rebuilder:  An EnScript that exports and rebuilds tagged records into a local file to enable viewing within a browser.

Plist Viewer Plugin: A self-installing application plugin that allows you to right-click on Apple property-list files, view, bookmark, and extract embedded binary data.

Come over and browse EnCase App Central to find some invaluable apps to extend your EnCase product functionality. And if you’re a developer, consider joining our EnCase Developer Network

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