New Speed and Power Part of EnCase® Forensic Version 7.08 Session at HTCIA Asia Pacific

Robert Bond

Agenda for HTCIA Asia Pacific
Frank Butler, the Director of ATP Training at Guidance Software, will be presenting a session on EnCase® Forensic v7.08 at the HTCIA AsiaPacific Conference in Hong Kong on December 3, 2013. Now in its third year, EnCase Forensic v7 has evolved into a highly functional and customizable tool. In fact, independent testing proves that it is the fastest, most comprehensive digital forensic solution available to examiners today.

Frank will present some of the most outstanding new features in Version 7.08, including:

The EnCase Review Package: This feature lets an examiner send work product to end-user customers who are not EnCase license holders, and have them review and tag relevant findings within a controlled EnCase environment on any computer.

The Direct Access Function: An examiner can now use a scaled-down version of EnCase® Enterprise to secure direct access to a running machine with minimal effort and preparation, then analyze or acquire using the same method.

The EnCase Evidence Processor: Examiners can now choose to launch this routine to complete a huge number of pre-investigation routines automatically.

Advanced EnScript® Routines: The latest and most sophisticated of these enable further automation in an examination.

Swift, Powerful New Search and Bookmarking Options: Examiners can take advantage of faster and more powerful new ways to search the evidence and locate and bookmark relevant data. No more browsing for the “needle” of evidence in the ever-increasing digital “haystack.” It’s simpler to preview, acquire and analyze smartphone data and backups and tablet devices. Investigators can also search for results across multiple types of files all in one location, including files, e-mail, instant message (IM) conversation.

The session will also feature the latest updates on Tableau and EnCase® Portable products. Find out more about HTCIA Asia Pacific here, and let us know what you think of these new features in the Comments section below. 

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