New Tableau™ TD2u Forensic Duplicator Supports SuperSpeed USB 3.0

It’s fast, it's fourth-generation, and it’s a forensic investigator’s dream come true: We’re talking about the brand new Tableau TD2u forensic duplicator, which can image at speeds in excess of 15 gigabytes per minute while concurrently generating MD5 and SHA-1 hashes. 

Digital forensic investigators are confronted with a variety of circumstances when executing a warrant and are tasked with collecting potential evidence from an array of sources in a limited amount of time. For several years, TD2u’s predecessor, the Tableau TD2, has been the collection tool that investigators have relied on due to its versatility and speed. The TD2 has been the tool of choice in the field and the winner of a Forensic 4:Cast Award because it was easy to use, connected to a variety of drives, duplicated suspect drives quickly, and created image files like DD or Ex01 files that could be seamlessly examined in software like EnCase Forensic.

The TD2u offers all of the benefits from previous generations, but now provides SuperSpeed USB 3.0 performance, as well as:
  • Integrated, native imaging of USB 3.0, SATA, and IDE/PATA storage devices
  • Direct output options for either USB 3.0 or SATA devices
  • Imaging of SAS drives with the same TDP6 module used with Tableau TD1 and TD2 duplicators
  • Sharp color display for crisp operational and device-status information
The Tableau development team at Guidance Software knows that collecting data quickly remains the number-one requirement of your computer forensics work today. We also know that pricing is important, which is why we feel confident that the Tableau TD2u will be an ideal choice for many forensic investigation teams.

Find Out More: We invite you to get more product information here, and to get in touch with our sales specialists if you have any questions. 

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