Suzanne Widup: The 2014 Verizon DBIR, a New EnCase v7 Book, and a Two-Part Webinar Series

How do you define an EnCase expert? Having worked on over 400 forensic, e-discovery, and information security cases, Suzanne Widup fits our definition. President and founder of the Digital Forensic Association and a senior analyst on the Verizon RISK Team, she will be joining us at CEIC this month to present a session on “2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) Lessons Learned”–the seventh Verizon DBIR report and the latest in a series released annually that many incident response and information security professionals look forward to reviewing each year.

The 2014 DBIR revealed, among many insights, that although cybercriminals can bypass an organization's security within days, it takes months before malware is detected. Guidance Software contributed to the DBIR and invited Verizon to present highlights of the report at CEIC.

Suzanne also has a new book on EnCase Forensic Version 7 just out this month called, “Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations with EnCase Forensic v7.”

The book will be available at CEIC, where Suzanne will be leading a panel in the Expo Hall Theatre called, “So You Want to Write a Forensics Book.” Panel speakers include forensics experts David Cowen of G-C Partners, Joseph W. Shaw III of Health Care Services Corporation, Heather Mahalik of Basis Technology, and Warren Kruse of Altep. Her own book will be available at the show with a special 20 percent discount for CEIC attendees, so be sure to look for the display table.
Next month, Suzanne will begin a two-part webinar series with Guidance Software. Part 1 will be held on June 18th and is called, “Forensic Readiness: Are You Proactive or Reactive?” Part 2 will be held on July 23rd and is called “Using GREP Searches to Speed Investigations.” We hope to see you at Suzanne’s sessions at CEIC and the upcoming webinar series.

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