A Treasure Trove of EnCase Version 7 Resources to Help You Make the Transition

Ken Mizota

Not long ago I was at the annual HTCIA conference in Summerlin, Nevada, where I enjoyed having the chance to meet with a number of customers—everyone from recently trained to highly expert investigators. Many of them were proficient in EnCase® Version 6 and wanted to build their EnCase Version 7 skills, but didn’t know where to begin.

If you’ve been wanting to make the transition to EnCase Version 7, but can’t take a trip to an official training center right now, I want you to know about some invaluable resources that can help get you up to speed. Most are free, with a handful of paid online courses at the end.

On-Demand Demos and Webinars          
At any time, you can take advantage of these pre-recorded webinars and videos on our website. Ranging in length from an eleven-minute demo to one-hour sessions led by one of our highly rated Guidance Software Training instructors, these resources can help you get accustomed to the new user interface and workflows:

Free EnCase Essentials Training
Every new version of EnCase comes with online and offline versions of the EnCase Essentials Training course. This course offers more than 10 hours of free training, designed to get you up to speed quickly with the capabilities of EnCase Version 7. You can download a Study Guide for quick reference later, too. Here are some direct links to give you an idea of what's included:

     EnCase Concepts
     Creating a Case - Part 1
     Processing Evidence - Part 1
     Viewing Index and Search Results
     Bookmarking and Tagging - Part 1
     Reporting - Part 1

If you're an experienced user of Version 6, we also offer OnDemand training for those looking for a guided transition. This is a sweet deal, getting expert advice from our Guidance Software Training division right at your own desk. 

Need More Help? I encourage you to visit our Support Portal and take advantage of the expertise of your peers and our own EnCase experts in the forums.

Ken Mizota is a Senior Product Manager at Guidance Software.

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