Open for Business: Proactive Discovery Joins Technology Alliance Program

Jason Fredrickson

This week we celebrate bringing Proactive Discovery, a leader in the high-tech crime investigations and e-discovery services markets, into our Guidance Software Technology Alliance Program. I’m delighted to have Martin Siefert and his team as part of the alliance. They are sharp developers with deep expertise developing apps that extend our core EnCase® technology–and that make a difference to investigators and information security professionals every day.

Proactive Discovery has a proven record of developing custom EnCase solutions to solve specific challenges faced by their customers, ranging from forensic tools to custom data carvers to enterprise incident-response tools and more. Integrating their work with EnCase is a great example of how we’re proving what our CEO, Victor Limongelli, said in his welcome keynote at CEIC 2013 last May: Guidance Software and EnCase are “open for business.”

Threat Landscape Demands Collaboration Among the “Good Guys”
This “open for business” philosophy holds a lot of meaning for our leadership and our R&D team here at Guidance Software. As we all know, the bad guys (nation-states, hacktivists, organized crime, etc.) are connecting and conspiring together more and more. For them, it’s a “business model.” The results can be devastating and—as organizations move to cloud and mobile adoption, generating reams and reams of sensitive data by the hour—our attack surfaces are steadily widening.

The call to action is clear: technology companies like ours and all information security professionals must work together and share pertinent data. It’s the only truly effective tool we will have in the near future to counteract the growing threat. It’s not a decision—it’s an obligation.

Integrations, APIs, Plug-in Architecture, Public Data Models

Every integration point offers us—the community of “good guys”—more ways to win the war. Partners like Proactive Discovery, for example, can integrate the best SIEM and MPS systems with EnCase Cybersecurity or other tools, or can provide highly specialized or rarely found types of data directly into EnCase Forensic for further analysis.

But the obligation to share the data goes both ways. The EnCase v7 module architecture allows programs in EnCase® App Central–such as the new Volatility Reporting Plugin–to access EnCase data for forensic analysis. And we’re providing full, unfettered access to our data models in our newest product, EnCase® Analytics, so that anyone can integrate our data into their tools.

We’ve chosen to make our data dictionaries and application programming interfaces (APIs) public. And we’re sharing copies of our software with organizations fighting the good. As a company—and as a development team—we’ve chosen to walk the walk and commit to openness. We hope you’ll walk with us, and help all of us by sharing the vital data you find.

Jason Fredrickson is the Senior Director, Enterprise Application Development at Guidance Software. 

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