Feature Spotlight: Embedding Hyperlinks in Exported Reports

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EnCase version 7.05 provides the ability to include hyperlinks to original documents and images in reports and offers updated report templates that display more metadata than ever before. View important metadata such as dates, times, physical sector information for unallocated items and hash values. Continue reading to learn how to include hyperlinks in your exported reports.
  1. In the Evidence tab, select the item you want to display as a hyperlink in the report.

  2. In the lower pane, click the Report tab to display metadata.

  3. Right click and select Save As from the dropdown menu. The Save As dialog displays.

  4. Select the Output Format you want. The supported formats are RTF, HTML, and PDF.
  5. Click the Export Items checkbox. If you want to view the report after saving, click the Open File checkbox.
  6. Accept the default path, or enter a path of your own, then click OK.
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