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As you probably know we have been conducting an EnCase Forensic v7 Survey for a few weeks now. To date near 600 surveys have been submitted. If you haven't submitted yours yet, please take a few minutes and complete the survey. This is a great opportunity for you to let us know how v7 is working for you and how we can make the product better meet your needs. Reviewing the survey responses it became clear to us that in addition to making enhancements to the product many customers were looking for more v7 training options. Today I want to introduce you to two new v7 training options, both developed to help v7 users get the most out of EnCase.

EnCase v7 Transition
This class is for customers who have previously completed EnCase Computer Forensics II (or higher level class) or who are EnCE certified and are upgrading from a previous version of EnCase. Through a series of hands-on scenarios our instructors will walk users through the new workflow in v7, from case creation to archiving, paying special attention to the areas and capabilities of v7 that are significantly different from v6. The first three-day course will be offered at our Pasadena Training Center in June with additional classes scheduled at our training locations through the end of the year. Check the course schedule for more information.

EnCase Computer Forensics I v7 OnDemand Training
This on-line course involves practical exercises and real-life simulations, providing students with an understanding of the proper handling of digital evidence from the initial seizure of the computer/media to acquisition, and then progresses to the analysis of the data. It concludes with archiving and validating the data.
OnDemand training is a great option for users who cannot find the time or the budget to travel to one of our training facilities. With OnDemand you can complete the curriculum at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.

I'm pleased to announce these new training options for our v7 users. If you have any questions about prerequisites, price, availability, please contact your sales representative.

Finally, if you haven't taken a look at the EnCase Essentials v7 free training close this blog, lock your door, turn your phone off, and do it now. Kidding aside, this is a free four-hour training that will give you the basics of v7, from start to finish. There is also a companion manual for the training that you can download; it is a great reference guide to keep handy when working with v7. Did I mention the training is free?

As always, any questions, feel free to contact me.

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