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During the v7 roadshow last year one of the most talked about new features was our Passware integration. The question I heard over and over was "Can I buy Passware from Guidance Software?". At the time unfortunately you could not but I am glad to say that now you can. Before getting into how you can purchase the product, let's talk a little about our integration and what exactly you can do with Passware Kit Forensic.

With EnCase® Forensic v7 you can perform protected file analysis in the evidence processor. Using Passware's Encryption Analyzer, EnCase will identify encrypted and password-protected files. Once protected file analysis is complete, you will be able to see what files are protected as well as the complexity of the protection, pretty cool stuff.

To do what I have briefly described you do not need a license for Passware, this capability is part of v7, no strings attached. However if you want to take the next step and actually decrypt the files you do need the Passware Kit Forensic product, which you can now purchase directly from Guidance.

For those of you not familiar with this product, Passware Kit Forensic is a complete encrypted evidence discovery & decryption solution for computer forensics. It recovers or resets passwords for more than 200 different types of files, as well as decrypts hard drives, PGP archives, and unlocks Windows and Mac accounts. Complete with FireWire Memory Imager, Passware Kit Forensic is the first and only commercial software that decrypts BitLocker, TrueCrypt and FileVault hard disks, and instantly recovers or bypasses Mac and Windows login passwords of seized computers.

The latest version of Passware Kit Forensic, v11.3 includes the following capabilities, to name a few:

• Decrypts 200+ file types
• Decrypts FDE: TrueCrypt, BitLocker, FileVault and PGP
• Recovers Mac user passwords
• Acquires and analyzes live memory images
• Distributed and Cloud Computing acceleration
• Hardware acceleration: NVIDIA & ATI GPU, TACC, multi-cores

As Dmitry Sumin, President of Passware, Inc. said, “Encryption is becoming a major obstacle for digital investigations. We are excited to provide EnCase customers with an efficient solution that significantly reduces decryption time and thus allows investigators to focus on data analysis.” By the way, if you don't already follow Passware on Twitter, you should.

Dmitry and his team have been great to work over this past year and we look forward to providing further integration in the future.

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